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How You Can Build Solutions like Amazon’s Supply Chain Optimisation Team (SCOT)


Cloud Solutions and the Future

IFS Smart Freight

Lost Without a Trace – where are my goods?

Pacific at Infor

Making Sense of the Supply Chain Digital Imperative

SSI Schafer

How to effectively fulfil online orders with store orders

WMSWhat Makes Sense When Selecting & Implementing A Warehouse Management System


Unlocking the Power of S&OP

Cross Border Ecommerce – Why it’s Important?

HubTex Australia

How to Manage your Warehouse Space more Efficiently


Chain of Responsibility


Trade and Transport Risks (Sydney only)


Everything you ever wondered about International Supply Chains but were afraid to ask (Sydney only)

Occulus International

Developing Your Brand in an Overcrowded Candidate Market

Benchmarking Success

Measuring Your Performance to achieve Best In Class

Logistics Safety Risks with an Emphasis on Loading & Unloading Safety

Benchmarking Success

Master Urban Logistics with route optimisation tools 

Pallet Management – Don’t Get Caught Out 

Supply Chain Secrets – Shortcuts to Improved Performance

Logistics Bureau

Warehouse Productivity – An Extra 20% the Easy Way

Logistics Bureau

Customer Service – Getting it Right and the Impact on Costs (Melbourne Only)

Logistics Bureau

7 Essentials to Boosting Warehouse Productivity

Logistics Bureau

How to Improve Cost and Service through your Distribution Network

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