Program 2017

Your MC for the day is Rob O’Byrne – Founder and CEO of Logistics Bureau

Here is an outline of the topics for our Event. Each of our Industry Experts will be hosting a discussion table, and will have an hour to teach, coach, share case studies, answer your questions and basically help you as best they can. All sessions run at the same time in a large conference room!

But each session repeats throughout the day, and each hour we’ll have a formal change of tables, but you can move tables during the hour too if you wish.

Maybe start making a list of the 6 you most want to listen to and ask questions of?

    Understanding and Managing Your Supply Chain Risks

    With Mike Wood – Managing Director of Latus

    • Chain of Responsibility and how it affects you directly
    • Health and Safety issues in your Supply Chain
    • Essential training you need to provide for your staff
    • Minimising your risk exposure

    How to Manage Your Warehouse Space more Efficiently

    Andy Higham from Hubtex & Bendi Australia is an expert in Long Loads and Narrow Aisle Warehousing

    • How to spend less on land and property by using more appropriate storage and handling techniques.
    • Reduce your offsite storage costs by improving existing space utilisation.
    • How to improve overall warehouse productivity by using ‘smarter’ ways to handle products.
    • Extend the life of existing facilities by using the current space more efficiently.

    A Definitive Guide to Moving Your Freight

    With Terri Mouhtouris – Managing Director of IFS SmartFreight

    • Managing multiple freight providers
    • Considerations in buying freight services
    • The cost / service seesaw
    • Understanding rate structures and how they impact your costs
    • Case study examples

    Measuring Equipment Procurement Success

    With Tom Schults – Managing Director of Mobicon

    • You can’t just look at the purchase price
    • Life cycle equipment costing
    • Equipment selection to ensure fit for purpose
    • Some technical tips on selection
    • Case study examples.
    • The use of container straddle carriers in today’s logistics supply chain

    How to Effectively Fulfil Online Orders with Store Orders

    With Brad Welsman – Managing Director, SSI Schaefer Australia

    • Why online orders are more difficult than store orders
    • How to deal with both in an integrated approach
    • How to maintain flexibility for the future

    Strategic Views of Your Supply Chain

    With Ingilby Dickson – Advisor to a range of Boards

    • How is your Supply Chain adding value?
    • Key Supply Chain relationships to foster
    • Getting your team focused on the right areas
    • Supply Chain leadership tips

    S&OP Essentials in 60 Minutes

    With James Small – Director of Carrigan

    • What should S&OP deliver for you?
    • Why it sometimes doesn’t?
    • Essential Do’s and Don’ts of S&OP
    • An S&OP Checklist

    The Business Case & Implementation Considerations for Automated Warehouse Picking

    With Mark Robotham & Sandy Tulisi from StackFlo

    • Business case drivers for automated picking
    • Case for partial automation solutions
    • Transition & Business Continuity Planning
    • Retro fitting solutions
    • Saving money to spend it elsewhere

    Everything You Want to Know about International Shipping but are Afraid to Ask

    With Bill Alexiou-Hucker – Director GPSM

    • What should you expect from your freight forwarder?
    • Characteristics of a typical Freight Forwarder
    • The pitfalls of choosing your Freight Forwarder based on rates
    • Choosing the right Inco term for you

    Optimisation of your Supply Chain

    With Greg Roche – Manager Business Consulting, Pacific at Infor

    • Dealing with competing business priorities
    • Critically evaluating and deciding on new and existing supply channels
    • Using analysis models to make supply chain decisions
    • Case study examples

    7 Essentials to Boosting Warehouse Productivity

    With Mal Walker of Logistics Bureau

    • Layout and flow
    • What goes where.
    • The things that kill productivity
    • Easy fixes you can do yourself
    • Case study examples

    Benchmarking the Right Way – To Boost Your Supply Chain Performance to Best in Class.

    With Steven Thacker – Managing Director of Benchmarking Success

    • The right and wrong ways to Benchmark
    • How to use Benchmarking for Business Improvement
    • Selecting and maintaining the right KPIs
    • Benchmarking case studies

    Please note that this event is fully catered. Morning coffee and afternoon tea as well as lunch. There will also be a prize draw running throughout the day so make sure you don’t wander off!