Welcome on Board as

one of our Experts

What you Need to Do – Read Carefully

Event Promotion – Now

You have agreed to assist in the promotion of the event as a condition of your participation. This is very important to the success of the event and to the value that you will derive from the event. Because all the Experts are promoting the event, it means that you are reaping the benefits of this collaboration.

Please note, that if it is obvious that one of our Experts is not ‘playing the game’ by not sending out promotional invitations, we reserve the right, following discussion, to remove them from the program.
Depending how close we are to the event and the opportunity to replace the Expert, refunds may not be possible.
Sorry to have to mention this. I’m sure all of our Experts are honourable people, but it just needed to be said.

You can of course promote the event and your participation in it, in additional ways as you choose, but this minimum, is expected of you.
(If using Social Media, use the hashtag #SCLI)

You will send out 2 emails to your mailing ‘list’ promoting your participation and the event in general. It should go to a broad cross section of industry contacts in Australia only. We expect this mailing to go to a substantial number of contacts. i.e. In excess of 1,000. Just 100 is not really playing the game full tilt and will reduce your marketing exposure

If you need assistance with this, we can provide support from a third party, to do this on your behalf.
They have experience of doing bulk mail outs. Go to www.virtualdonewell.com
Say that you are participating in the SCLI event and they will look after you.

Your contacts will benefit from reduced price fees, by entering your promo code on the registration page here: www.supplychainleadersinsights.com.au
If you have lost or not received your promo code, please send an email to: rose@logisticsbureau.com or call 0291942873.

We will track registrations and can update you on how many of your contacts have registered.

Those participating Experts that attract most registrations will be identified.
And the Experts with the highest number of delegates ‘on the day’ will be invited to participate in extra promotional activity. This will include:

  1. A short 3-4 minute speech at the event for the ‘Top 3’. (Either from their Expert, or the MC)
  2. Additional post event promotion for the ‘Top 10’.

Whilst you may of course draft your own event invitation for your contacts, please ensure it contains critical information such as:

  1. Event Name
  2. Location
  3. Date
  4. Link to registration page
  5. Ticket price

For example:

Subject = Join Us at Supply Chain Leaders Insights with a Discounted Ticket

Dear XXX

We’re participating in Supply Chain Leaders Insights, an innovative Supply Chain Event format and would love you to join us there. It’s being held at the Pullman On the Park in Melbourne on 21st August 2018 and Merivale in Sydney on 23rd August 2018. At a broad range of ‘round tables’ industry experts will be sharing their expertise with small groups. Our chosen topic is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As a supporter of the event we’re able to provide a promo code for you, so that the ticket price of only $87 is dropped even more to just $47!

You can read more about the event and register right now, on this link: www.supplychainleadersinsights.com.au

Best Regards



Your Company Promotion – Now

As part of your participation ‘package’ we will be promoting your company as well. This will be mainly online. You will receive the benefit of gaining exposure to Logistics Bureau’s database of over 17,000 people, plus via the event websites and Social Media, the contacts of other participating Experts.

You can start submitting material now for publication.

This can be articles, guides, case studies, videos, infographics or whatever else you would like to provide. We suggest that the materials should not be overtly ‘selling’ but should showcase your company’s services and products, whilst also sharing useful information.

All materials should be submitted ready to publish to me, in electronic format to rose@logisticsbureau.com

Our staff will then post the materials on the event ‘Library’.
Video materials should be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or similar sites, and you should provide us the link to be embedding in the event site.

You should also provide a company logo for us to display on the ‘Experts’ listing as well as the title of your agreed topic.

If you would like any assistance in producing video materials, I’m happy to provide details of our own Video Contractors with whom we have worked for many years.
They are: aartproductionhouse.com. Contact is Daniel Steinhauer. They have been asked to ‘look after’ our participants.

Graphic Assistance, we will also provide customized promotional graphics for you to be on Social Media at no cost. These are usually turned around within 24 hours.

Just provide your topic title and a head and shoulder photo of your participating Expert.

What you Need to Get Ready for the Event

Your Expert Session.

As outlined in the application, this will be a 1-hour presentation/discussion/Q&A to a table of up to 12 people.
The session will repeat through the day.

If you want to use a flip chart. Please bring a small folding one.
If you want to use a PC / Monitor, please tell us if you require power at the table, so we can allocate you a table around the sides.  (Note that you will need to provide the PC / Monitor)

You may want to have hand outs and guides to give the delegates at your table.

Your topic will need to be approved at the application stage by the promoter, Rob O’Byrne.
This is to ensure that topics provide a broad and interesting cross section and that we avoid direct competitors talking about the same topic.
Please book a brief phone call with me ASAP via 0 417 417 307 or robyrne@logisticsbureau.com

Your Banner

Please bring two pull up banners to promote your company. These should not exceed 1,200 mm in width, and 2,000 mm in height.

Your Marketing Materials

You will have access to our marketing tables outside the main event room to display materials.
These are intended to be collected by delegates in their ‘event bags’.
So please consider what you bring. Brochures, business cards etc. Nothing too large!
There is limited display space so think about a table top area of just 40 x 40 cms.
We don’t want any ‘fighting’ over space!



If you wish to drop off materials the night before, please let me know by informing rose@logisticsbureau.com

Bump in will be open from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on 20th August 2018 for Melbourne and 6:00 am to 8:00 am on 22nd August 2018 for Sydney.

If you intend to bring materials ‘on the day’ that’s fine but please arrive early. By 7:30 am.

No further setup will be allowed by 8:15 am as the organisers will be making final checks.

Event Schedule

We will start at 9:00 am sharp with a short welcome and explanation of the event by Rob O’Byrne the MC.

6 x 1-hour sessions will then take place through the day, with the MC facilitating the change overs.
Morning and afternoon breaks will be catered.

12:50 pm A buffet lunch will be provided for all participants. Delegates and Experts.

5:30 pm, the Event will close with a prize draw!

Prize Draw

Experts are invited to provide prizes for the prize draw. This provides additional exposure. These should be somewhat industry related. Not merely a bottle of wine 🙂 For example, it might be a site tour, a demonstration, some training, some career coaching etc.If there are many prizes, an earlier draw will be held after lunch.

Please notify us by 1st August 2018, if you intend to provide a prize. The organisers may decline a prize if it is deemed unsuitable or too many have already been provided.