How to Reduce Costs and Improve Service

A Supply Chain Conference like no other! & UNDER $100

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From Founder & MC Rob O'Byrne I want you to leave this event energised and motivated to make improvements! You'll leave with great ideas that you can implement right away, and make some great new industry contacts too. And in fact, if you don't leave with some great new ideas and contacts, come and see me and I'll give you a double refund on your ticket!! Getting the idea? You and/or your team really need to be there! Check it out below ... (and all ticket sales go to charity)

A Round Table Supply Chain Charity Coaching Day

Small Group Coaching 

Just sit back and listen 

Or join the discussion

20 Experts from across the Industry

All Day Event - Fully Catered

Ticket only $67 - goes to charity

Our Experts 

Industry Association Supporter:

Get All Your SUPPLY CHAIN Questions Answered in 1 day!

Delegates Feedback 

Experts Feedback


Hear delegates feedback from the 2016 event.

Our Experts thought the event format was great too!  

A quick video overview of the event.

Why Come?  

  1. Industry experts to answer those burning questions for you  

2. Great networking with your industry Peers  

3. The latest thinking in Supply Chain technology and services.  

4. Practical tips and advice you can apply immediately.  

5. Advice about your career and training / education options.  

6. The dos and don’ts of selecting key suppliers.  

All your burning questions, answered in 1 Day! This is not a ‘normal’ Supply Chain & Logistics Management Conference. At all!  

In fact it’s a whole day of coaching and training in small groups. You get to pick the topics that interest you and you can move around the Experts tables all day.  

Can you really ‘afford’ not to be there?  

So is this for YOU? 

Whatever your level of education or experience you'll love this event. It's relaxed, informal, friendly, engaging and!

If you're the quiet type, just sit back and listen, you'll learn a huge amount through the day.

If you are more the talkative type, that's good too. Ask lots of questions. Engage with the Experts.  

Our aim at this event is to provide the most value we can in a single day.

  • So you pick your own topics and Experts for the day. You'll have a chance to sit with 6 or more out of the 20.
  • If you've gained enough from one session. Move to another!
  • Want to ask a more 'private' question? Ask the Experts in the breaks. They are there to help you.

Oh, and by the one is trying to 'sell' anything at this event. The focus is on YOU. It's all about helping you build your knowledge, your network and your confidence in Supply Chain management so you can get back to work and really start 'kicking some goals'.

And here's a commonly asked Question! Let's get it out there.

So why Rob, do you put on this event? You're not selling anything and the ticket price even goes to charity.

The Answer? I've owned and managed Logistics Bureau Group for 20 years. Our main business is management consulting. But I'm in a position now, where I have the time and resources to 'indulge' myself a bit. 5 years ago I started Supply Chain Leaders Academy. And now we've exended our education focus to provide this 'Insights' education event to a much broader audience. 

The aim is quite simple really. I want to bring leading industry knowledge and education to a much broader cross section of our industry, and at the same time, help those in need. That's it... And unlike 'conference companies' this is not a business for me. Just a fun thing to do.  

Here's What We'll Be Sharing:

We limit this event to only 20 Experts and 200 delegates. So coaching groups are only 10-12 people.

We could have more Experts, but your choice of which sessions to join would become impossible!

The full program will be displayed around the room on the day and in your event booklets. But as a teaser, here are some of the things we'll be sharing:

  • Understanding Chain of Responsibilty.
  • The basics of Sales and Operations Planning
  • The impact of ecommerce and Unichannel
  • Making sense of freight forwarding
  • Warehouse design made simple
  • The use of big data in the Supply Chain
  • Managing freight more effectively
  • Product Slotting and reducing warehouse costs 
  • Measuring Supply Chain Performance and identifying improvement areas
  • How to select Supply Chain IT Systems
  • Leasing and financing equipment
  • Innovations in materials handling

Topic: Cloud Solutions and the Future

Topic: Master Urban Logistics with route optimisation tools  

Topic: Everything you ever wondered about International Supply Chains but were afraid to ask

Topic: Lost Without a Trace – where are my goods?

Topic: Making Sense of the Supply Chain Digital Imperative

Topic: Managing the Omni Channel

Topic: Unlocking the Power of S&OP  

Topic: Trade and Transport Risks

Topic: WMS - What Makes Sense When Selecting & Implementing A Warehouse Management System

Topic: How to effectively position yourself to grow your Career

Topic: Measuring Your Performance to achieve Best In Class

Topic: How to effectively fulfil online orders with store orders

Topic: Chain of Responsibility

Topic: Need a new DC, what comes first, the land or the design?

Topic: Warehouse Productivity – An Extra 20% the Easy Way

Topic: Supply Chain Secrets – Shortcuts to Improved Performance