V&D – Fashion



Established in 1887, V&D is one of the most profitable retailer in the Netherlands. The retailer decided to introduce e-commerce as one of its distrubution channels for its goods and entrusted early on SSI Schäfer by combining two existing Distribution Centers into one scalable. V&D can handle 46 Mio. pieces per year, 40.000 SKU´s by 2020.


KNV – Books



Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH (KNV) is Germany’s leading media wholesaler with a product range consisting of more than 540,000 books, DVDs, sound carriers, games and other book trade products. In order to be prepared for future trends on the book market, KNV and KNO VA have merged their previous locations to one distribution center in Erfurt. SSI Schaefer was commissioned to implement the project as general contractor for intralogistics. The result is an especially productive system that combines high availability with redundant and extremely compact system design. Thanks to a picking performance of 250,000 lines on average, about 75,000 packages leave the shipping center every day.


Karl Storz – Medical



SSI Schaefer has implemented a highly dynamic Navette warehouse in accordance with the 3D-MATRIX Solution® for Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG as a general contractor. A system design with maximum flexibility and extensibility in mind, 120,000 bin storage locations and the use of 42 innovative Navette shuttles have increased efficiency at Karl Storz by more than 20 percent compared to conventional system concepts.


Loxxess – Fashion/GOH



Headquartered in Unterföhring near Munich, Germany, Loxxess AG is a family owned business established in 1998, which operates as an outsourcing specialist for warehousing and offers logistic services for sports items and lifestyle products, consumer electronics and media products, pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as mail order and e-commerce services.


Desigual Fashion



The fashion company Desigual operates 157 stores worldwide and annually provides 10 million garments like dresses, jackets, shoes, T-shirts. For optimal distribution, order picking and processing orders, in the central warehouse in Barcelona warehouse logistics solutions from SSI Schaefer are used, which were already honored with two logistics awards.


Malavista – Fashion Split Tray



Milavitsa located in Minsk, Belarus, is one of the largest producers of women’s lingerie in Eastern Europe. The product range stands out in the medium market segment for its high quality and elegant design and is successfully sold in more than 25 countries all over the world, with the main markets being Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Europe. The company is part of the international Silvano Fashion group and the products are distributed through wholesale channels, their retail chains and Milavitsa franchises. In 2013, SSI Schaefer was commissioned to increase the picking performance in the Minsk distribution center and automate a large part of the system in order to boost efficiency and maintain leadership in the market. Implementation of the project was carried out in cooperation with the logistics provider Baltsped Logistics. Today, approximately 120,000 pieces are picked and sorted in two shifts and about 1,600 cartons are sent to the customers each day.


Witt – Fashion Returns



The first step in the goods receiving process is a feedback signal to ant, the warehouse management system. All goods returned are being checked for completeness and possible resale. Afterwards all goods being repacked and a bare code, is assigned. At Witt, SSI Schaefer has implemented a hybrid technology with bar code labels and RFID technology. The storage and retrieval performance is multiply. This results in an increase of the pick rate per employee up to 600 picks per hour at each picking station. The picking workstation enables more than one work step like order picking, sorting and consolidating to take place. High flexibility, optimum availability and a quick handling of high output guarantees the economic and efficient handling of returning goods.


Office Depot – Stationery



Natura – Cosmetics



Natura Brazil Cosmetics is Brazil’s biggest company for cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes and drugstore articles. It provides over 100 million customers in Latin America and Europe with its products. In order to be able to guarantee the high degree of customer satisfaction and to also reduce errors within the logistics chain, Natura assigned the general contractor SSI Schaefer for the planning and implementation of a logistics hub in Itupeva, São Paulo (Brazil).


Galexis – Pharma



Galexis AG, part of the Galenica group, is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Switzerland with two distribution centers providing pharmacies, medical practices, drugstores, nursing homes and hospitals with its extensive range of products and services. In 2009, Galexis with the help of SSI Schaefer put into operation one of the most sophisticated logistics centers in the pharmaceutical sector in Niederbipp, Switzerland. This made it possible to achieve a significant increase in efficiency and quality, introduce more cost-effective work processes and implement the highest safety standards. Thanks to the integration of automatic picking systems with a picking performance of up to 1,600 totes per hour and automatic document insertion machines, the Niederbipp distribution center reached a degree of automation of approx. 70% with up to 2,800 totes processed per hour.


WIP – Fashion



The order picking of items at WIP is based on goods to man and man to goods principle. Fast moving goods are retrieved by storage and retrieval machines. The picking of the so called b and c items takes place at goods to man workstations at the front of the mini load. The EPR- System generates the picking order and transfers the data to the SSI warehouse management system.


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