Warehouse Management Software



Using WAMAS – THE logistics software – SSI Schaefer designs you a more efficient warehouse, from warehouse management and right through to the control system, regardless of whether a manual or highly complex automated logistics system is concerned.

In addition to highly advanced processes, WAMAS is the perfect answer to all logistics demands, providing a comprehensive portfolio of features ranging from warehouse management to transparent monitoring and control functions, as well as interfaces to the broadest range of ERP systems.

The functionalities of the WAMAS logistics software are not confined to storing and administering goods: WAMAS manages and controls all of the processes involved in intralogistics. Executing jobs efficiently and flexibly, optimizing goods movements and resources, and providing and analyzing logistics KPIs are only a few of the functionalities offered by the extensive WAMAS portfolio.

WAMAS offers:

  • WMS with standardized in-depth logistics process variants
  • Pure WMS, WMS/MFS or mixed WMS/MFS scenarios, Customizable to industry specific processes, Standard interfaces to the broadest range of ERP systems
  • MFS functionality for high performance automation
  • Out-of-the-box support of SSI components
  • Open to integrate 3rd party suppliers





Systems must provide safe reliable handling user friendly operation and an error rate measured in the thousands. The objectives are: fast access to a wide product range. The SCS Schaefer carousel system provides the ideal solution for highly dynamic warehousing and the picking task. The SCS system can be used as a stand-alone system or combined with other warehousing systems. The SCS is a standard warehousing system consisting of 4 carousels and featuring the capacity of up to 6000 totes. This allows up to 1000 storage and retrieval operations per hour. The system can handle standard trays and totes as well as special totes with up to 16 compartments and a maximum weight of 25 kilograms each.


Weasel AGV



Hermes Fulfilment GmbH, provider of international full-service e-commerce solutions, is tackling new challenges using the AGV WEASEL®. A flexible link has been generated between various areas with no access restrictions. The innovative fleet solution can grow with the company and provides automated goods transport, optimization of processes and a high degree of flexibility.


Cuby Suttles



The Cuby is the new one-level shuttle system of the SSI Schaefer shuttle family, a fast and flexible storage system for bins and cartons. It consists of a rack, a lift, one Cuby shuttle per storage level, a shuttle crane at the back, a maintenance platform and the control and warehouse management software. The modular design of the system ensures highest flexibility with regard to capacity. The two-story load handling device of the lift guarantees high performance of the Cuby, which can be even increased by integrating a second lift per rack aisle.


Split Tray Sorter



The implemented split tray sorter solution with 137 destinations plus a no-read diversion point has a capacity of 4,000 to 7,500 parts per hour on up to 60 meters. More important than the speed and thus the performance, are the sorter quality, the delicate handling and the exact dispensing of flat goods. Flexible control ensures dynamic sorting processes. The sorter is controlled SSI Translog control software, which communicates with the customer’s host system via a flexible interface. The destinations can be assigned flexibly to the orders – this dynamic control is the huge advantage of the sorter.


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