Those who have known me for a while are well aware of my two biggest passions in life: education and travelling. I am always talking about them. Which is why I have hatched big plans to combine the two in 2020—I will be taking my Supply Chain Secrets enterprise on a global tour. Aren’t I lucky?


Travelling the World to Share my Supply Chain Secrets

One of several spin-off businesses I run from my Logistics Bureau consultancy in Sydney is Supply Chain Secrets.

The sole aim of that enterprise is to share—with companies and individuals—the supply chain knowledge I have gained during more than 35 years in the industry, and over two decades as a logistics consultant.



I’ve been taking Supply Chain Secrets seminars around the Asia Pacific region for several years, and they have proved very popular in Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

But I have had this crazy idea that it would be great to take the seminars to parts of the world that don’t normally get to enjoy this type of educational event. Of course, I have an ulterior motive for this because while I love providing education programmes, I also love travelling.


Where Will I Go?

The seminars are well-defined, and have proven successful, so during the next two or three years, I’d like to host them in places where supply chain and logistics education events are not often held.


I will offer them at very low cost, or even for free, as I regard this outreach as part of the philanthropic commitment of my Logistics Bureau group.



I have been talking to people in Nepal, in Kenya, in West Africa— all sorts of out of the way places. I’ve had many other suggestions about where such seminars might be appreciated, including India, Germany, Gabon, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, and Nepal.



I am receiving many other suggestions and my programme is still in the making. But I would want this tour to be as BIG as possible, so I am looking at all options.

How Will I Manage it All?

If all goes according to plan, I will run two separate one-day seminars in each of the places that I visit. One will be a seminar dealing with the basics of supply chain management, while the second will be more advanced, covering elements such as strategy, outsourcing, cost-to-serve, benchmarking, and so on.



I will be a one-man fully self-contained ‘travelling seminar’.


Why Am I Doing It?

The main goal of the Supply Chain Secrets global tour is to empower people who don’t have easy access to supply chain education programmes. And of course, I am keen to do this because I am passionate about education and—as I might already have mentioned—about travelling.

Naturally, I’ll share more details of the Supply Chain Secrets global roadshow as plans get fleshed out. So please, watch this space, and I’ll hope to see you at a future seminar in your locality.