Supply chain labour demands are often erratic and even more often seasonal, making the use of temporary logistics staff highly desirable. Yet the topic of temporary logistics labour seems to be quite polarising among supply chain leaders and managers.

Perhaps it comes down to the very different experiences that companies have when bringing in interim staff. If that is the reason, then those with less positive experiences might want to take a look at their approach to recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding their logistics labour temps.


It’s too easy to treat temporary logistics labour as a commodity, but you reap what you sow, as they say.


By hiring for value, rather than just seeking to fill a short-term labour gap, you’re more likely to find that your temps, during the time that they are with you, contribute as meaningfully to your supply chain performance and business success as employees on the permanent payroll.


Take Notice of Your Temporary Logistics Staff

It’s easy when employing temporary logistics employees to treat them as disposable resources, which of course in a way they are. However, treating them as such will do little for their motivation, or for your workforce performance.



Of course some temps won’t always be available, but in any case there are a few good reasons to notice all temporary employees and to ask for the best ones by name each time you call on their agency for help. The benefits of this approach include:

Integration: The more often you use the services of individual temps, the more familiar they will become with your organisational culture, and the better they will fit in with your permanent team.

Reduced Training Needs: Every time you bring a new temporary logistics worker into your operation, you need to have them trained. Repeat hires help you cut down on training time and resource investment.

Potential to Fill Permanent Roles: Hiring specific temporary logistics employees on a regular basis, is a great way to assess them for permanent vacancies that may open in your organisation. It also gives the temp an opportunity to decide if he or she would like to become a permanent member of your workforce.

Improved Productivity: When you have logistics temps who come back on a regular basis, they know how your operation works. The Advantage of this is that each time you bring them in, they can begin productive work immediately, maximising the value of their services and helping your operation to meet productivity targets.


Build a Relationship With Your Logistics Labour Provider

If you want to make sure you hire high quality temporary logistics labour, a good relationship with your provider is essential. Agencies tend to invest more effort in clients that communicate their needs effectively. Make sure your provider knows when your expected peak periods are, and provide regular feedback about the performance of the temps they provide.


It’s not always possible for an agency to guarantee you’ll get the same workers every time, but some providers will find ways and means to do so, especially if your company is a preferred client.


Temporary labour providers can also provide you with insights and information to help you get the best from interim logistics staff, so if you get the chance, it’s worth speaking with their recruitment specialists, although of course you might need to indicate that you’re planning to give them some business.


Need More Insight into Temporary Logistics Labour?

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