Is this Event for You?

If you work in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics, the answer to the above question is probably “Yes”.


Our unique roundtable event continues to grow in popularity year on year, not just with delegates, but also with supply chain and logistics experts from all corners of our industry.


Whatever your role in the supply chain arena, you’re assured a wealth of new insights all packed into a single day of interactive knowledge-sharing sessions. However, you don’t have to be an employed supply chain specialist or even a generalist to benefit from Supply Chain Leaders Insights.


Who Can Benefit from Supply Chain Leaders Insights?

If any of the following scenarios applies to you, then SCLI should undoubtedly be in your diary of annual must-attend events.


1. You are Studying Supply Chain & Logistics

If you are currently studying for a supply chain related degree, working towards certification, or enrolled in any form of supply chain & logistics education program, SCLI is a great way to supplement your learning with real-world industry guidance from our experts.


2. You Work in a Function that Interfaces with Supply Chain & Logistics

One of the great things about joining our expert sessions is that you will be sharing a table with a group comprising mainly supply chain and logistics professionals.


Many of these delegates will be looking for insights to help them solve specific problems, and listening in is a great way to understand more about the issues and challenges that supply chain people face.


That is valuable knowledge if you work in a function that provides inputs or depends on outputs from your company’s supply chain and logistics functions.


3. You Manage a Business That Has a Supply Chain

If you run a small business, you probably rely on a supply chain in some shape or form, and you may be managing much of it yourself or with the help of colleagues who, like yourself, are not necessarily supply-chain experts—and may not want or need to be.

However, the more you know about supply chain operations, the more effectively you can manage your business. A day at SCLI will help you acquire the essential knowledge you need—and you may even learn some tips to boost your business by improving its supply chain.


4. You want to get into Supply Chain as a Career

We already mentioned the value of SCLI for anyone studying supply chain and logistics. But what if you aren’t yet engaged in any formal supply chain education, and are quietly wondering if a supply chain career is for you?


You could do a lot worse than spend a day in conversation with fellow delegates and some of our experts to get a better idea of what it is like to work in the supply chain & logistics industry.


Don’t be surprised though, if you come away 100% determined to become a supply chain professional—the passion and enthusiasm of our attendees can be quite infectious.


Do You have challenges and questions related to Supply Chain?

With a ticket price of less than $100, it doesn’t matter whether you fit into any of the four categories described above or not. If you have questions about supply and logistics, and you want answers, SCLI is the event at which to get them.


Supply Chain Leaders Insights gives you unparalleled access to a broad range of Experts, from many different sectors and businesses, all in the same room, for the whole day.


If you would like to know a little more before you commit the next SCLI dates to your diary, and get an idea of what types of experts you will meet there, check out this sample program and list of expert categories typically taking part.

We hope to see you at the next Supply Chain Leaders Insights events, which, while dates have yet to be confirmed, will be taking place in 2019. If you’d like us to keep you updated with developments, fill in the quick and easy form on our site to register your interest in SCLI 2019.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2016. It has now been revamped and updated to provide additional, and more current, information.