The Supply Chain Leaders Insights Conference: What Makes it Different?

It’s hard to believe that 2019 will be the fourth year in which the Supply Chain Leaders Insights (SCLI) event brings logistics and procurement professionals and other supply-chain management practitioners together with industry specialists for a day of knowledge sharing and networking.

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and for our team, the annual cycle of organising and hosting SCLI has been immensely enjoyable, which is perhaps why the last three events have seemingly come and gone in the blink of an eye.


An Exciting Event with Serious Intent

As enthralling and entertaining as it has been for our organisers, the intent behind SCLI is a serious one—to fill a gap that we believe exists in the content of supply chain conferences and events. That gap is in the value sometimes missing for industry pros needing realistic, actionable insights and advice at the more detailed levels of supply chain management.


Of Course, the SCLI covers strategic topics too, but in a way that helps delegates get answers to the real-world challenges and issues, they face on a daily basis. 


In 2019, the event, taking place in both Melbourne and Sydney, will once again be dedicated to providing the practical, straightforward training and advice it has become known for, and will of course, include the now-customary, key features differentiating it from other supply chain events you may have attended.


The SCLI Difference Explained

So what are the unique aspects of Supply Chain Leaders Insights that set it apart from other industry conferences and seminars?

You will find some of them outlined in the following summary, which should help you to decide at a glance, if SCLI is an event that you or some of your managers and staff should make a point of attending in August 2019.


The Low Price of Admission

If your company typically spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars on conference admission fees, SCLI should come as a pleasant surprise.


The earlier you book your tickets, the more affordable they are, starting at a price less than $50 per ticket, and no, that was not a typo.


While the price increases for bookings made closer to the date of the event, the admission fee tops out at $127. Some of the companies that provide experts for the round table sessions even offer voucher codes for discounted tickets, making SCLI one event that won’t make much of a dent in your conference budget.


Intimate, Interactive Round Tables

With around 20 experts in a range of supply chain specialities running one-hour round table sessions throughout the day, you will have no difficulty picking up the tips and advice you need.


You can feel free to listen passively to the experts’ insights, or chip in and ask burning questions that you need answering in your business.


There is no fear of your input or questions being overlooked, and once you have the information you need, you’re free to move on to another session. Each round table is repeated throughout the day, so if you wish to go back and spend more time on a session that you left earlier, you can easily do so.


A Wide Selection of Topics

Unlike many supply chain conferences, SCLI does not focus on a specific theme, but instead comprises a blend of training, coaching, and Q&A interaction on a range of topics, limited only to the specialities of the experts that come to support us.


For example, given the organisations that have already confirmed their presence in the 2019 event, you will find the following topics covered:

  • Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Supply chain engagement, trust, and responsiveness
  • Warehouse storage and process optimisation
  • Chain of responsibility (laws, duties, responsibilities, penalties, how to protect your company)
  • Business and supply chain agility
  • Pallet management
  • Last-mile logistics
  • Supply chain benchmarking
  • Warehouse productivity


As you can see from the above list, diversity of coverage is a primary feature of SCLI, and many more topics will be confirmed in the weeks and months leading up to the event. You can easily keep an eye on developments by visiting our 2019 Program page regularly.


SCLI: It’s Different, and Making a Difference

Of course, the only way to appreciate the SCLI difference fully is to become one of this year’s delegates, or to send some of your team to tap into the value.

Delegates who have attended previously have been more than impressed with the knowledge they gained—knowledge that has helped them to make a difference in their careers and for their businesses. You can hear from some of those delegates in the videos on the SCLI website.


If you are impressed with what you hear in those videos, and what you have learned about SCLI from this article too, why not go ahead and book your place at the 2019 event in Sydney or Melbourne?


You will find all the information you need to get your tickets by visiting our homepage, or if you have some questions about this year’s events, you can submit them for a swift response, using our quick and easy contact form.