What’s the Best Supply Chain Tip you have?

At Supply Chain Leaders Insights, which is in itself is a really innovative event, there are some really great additional elements to the program that offer value to delegates. And one of these is:


Supply Chain Expert ‘2 Minute Tips’

At breaks throughout the day pre qualified and selected experts will pitch their greatest Supply Chain tips.  Rather in the spirit of a Ted talk, the experts with the best tips will be selected on the basis of:


Interest, Relevance, Value and Entertainment


Experts will have just 2 minutes to ‘pitch’ their tip.   So it needs to be pure Gold and easy to grasp.

If you are interested in being one of the Experts and the next Supply Chan Leaders Insights event, and you would like to be considered for one of the ‘2 Minute Tips’ sessions, just contact Rob O’Byrne directly via email.

Rob will brief you in more detail on the requirements and you will be asked to submit your outline for evaluation and selection.

For an example of the Full Supply Chain Leaders Insights Program, just go to this link.