You know in surveys that we’ve conducted over the years and the Benchmarking that that we’ve carried out with almost 1,000 companies, two things really stand out.

  1. It’s only the top 2% of companies that provide best in class Supply Chain cost AND service.
  2. That there are some common things that hold back all the others.

It’s those common things that I thought would be really worth sharing with as broad an audience as possible. And the best way to do that, was to seek the assistance of a number of Leaders in the Supply Chain industry. In fact I’ve gathered 17 of them, all together, for one day, just to share those expert tips and insights.

Who knows, we might do this as an annual event. Read on…


The aims of this Supply Chain Event are to:

  1. Provide insights and tips on all the major supply chain challenges.
  2. Create an environment that promotes learning and sharing (small group coaching sessions).
  3. At a crazy low ticket price, that is within anyone’s reach.
  4. And support 5 key charities in the process. (announced on the day)

So how can we possibly do all that you might be asking? Easy. We’re not a conference company and don’t need this event to turn a profit! We just enjoy teaching and sharing in the same way that all our specially invited experts do. In fact our experts are helping out with the costs of the event so that all the ticket sales can go to charity! What great people they are.

In terms of those key topics, like Outsourcing, Strategy, S&OP, Systems, Safety, you’ll find them all covered on the program here:

And to grab your ticket now, just go to this link:

Oh I forgot to tell you that crazy low price! Well, it’s only $87 per ticket, for the whole day, fully catered. And all of that goes to Charity.

And if you want to bring friends, colleagues, members of your team, that would be great. So just use this promo code TOP2 and get tickets for only $47 each!

It’s in Sydney on the 26th October, so grab those tickets quick.

I really look forward to seeing you there.


Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne 
Group Managing Director
Phone: +61 417 417 307